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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 17, 2019 1:00am-1:03am CEST

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u.s. president donald trump has announced plans to tighten immigration making it tougher to gain entry into the country trump wants immigrants to have better english proficiency and more job skills and he wants to reduce the number of asylum seekers but the initiative stands little chance of passing through a sharply divided congress. clashes of broke about an indian controlled kashmir
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a day after a gun battle between security forces and separatists killed 5 people in the town of pawan a residents at the funeral of one of the dead rebels confronted indian troops with stones and barricades. venezuela's self declared president one who i don't know has confirmed efforts are underway in norway to mediate between his opposition and president nicolas maduro the government why does says he won't enter into any quote false negotiation maduro says he is open to dialogue and that the opposition has been trying to seize power by force. austrian lawmakers have approved legislation banning headscarves in primary schools adding to existing restrictions on veils the measure bans the wearing of ideologically religiously characterize clothing that covers the head. islamic organizations are threatening legal action.
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next week voters across the european union will elect a new european parliament it could be the most closely watched e.u. alike should ever turnout is expected to be high perfect conditions for a decision from asian store tonight trolling the truth at the ballot box defending public opinion and democracy in europe's most hackable election i'm bringing off in berlin this is the day. where the kremlin wants is a divided europe it wants to see people so confused by this information that they don't really know what to believe that they don't know who to vote for so it isn't part of. you those people are people looking for positions and there are populists on both sides of the political.

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